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Cornwall Jail

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Investigations: 2

CHAPS for its first investigation of 2010 visited the Cornwall Jail. Finished in 1833, it is one of Ontario Canada's oldest public buildings. A violent past with rape and murder within its walls, combined with overcrowding it is a shock it remained open til 2002. Kept very clean and true the logistics of the investigation were seamless. Base reads showed nothing out of the ordinary, consistent temperature reads as well. Sound continuity tests were normal, lots of echo but not overly carried throughout the blocks. For our tests the famous closing doors, mechanically do this on their own. This we believe, disallowed some results of that, not all. We did hear doors closing where we were not. Our members did feel grabs, the EMF did spike and we did get an EVP which was all pretty much from Protective Custody block 2. All were in context with conversation as well and could not be debunked this turned to be some hard evidence to verify the claims


Verdict:  We believe this location to be haunted. Would like a return visit to have more solo and focus more on singular locations.



Static Murder



Pictures from Investigation


Second Investigation

In August of 2010, CHAPS returned to the Cornwall Jail. The crew split into 3 teams and did rotating sweeps of the jail. With a few members having some personal experiences that night, they set to work analyzing the evidence. Dan's team came out with 2 EVP's from that night. One was caught in the general population block and the other in Protective Custody Block 2. Dave's team got one EVP in a room that used to be a shower room, but is now used for displays. But perhaps the strangest piece of evidence was with Sandy's team. While in the courtroom at one point Cathy had asked Sandy if she had just laughed, Sandy did not remember laughing only a minute after it happened. Upon reviewing the audio files, not only did she laugh but also mumbled absolute nonsense as her voice completely changed. Now anyone who knows Sandy knows that this was completely out of character for her. All I can say about this one is creepy!!!!

Verdict: Based on the great amount of evidence collected from both of our visits to the jail, we would have to say there is definitely activity at the Cornwall Jail.





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Pictures from the second Investigation







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