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Public 101 & Investigation 2015



Iona, ON, Private Residence. Case 2015-05 New!

Scarborough, ON, Private Residence, Case 2015-03 New!

Oakwood, ON, Private Residence, Case 2015-02 New!

Belleville, ON, Private Residence, Case 2015-01

Bowmanville, Private Residence, Case 2014-15

Corbourg Jail, Case 2014-15

Picton Heights Return, Case 2014-11

Moundsville Penitentiary, Case 2014-14

MacPhearson House, Napanee, Ontario, Case 2014-13

Champlain Trail Museum - Public 101, Pembroke, Ontario, Case 2014-12  

Picton Heights, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Case 2014-11

Backus Page House, Wallacetown, Ontario, Case 2014-10

Private Home, near Belleville, Ontario, Case 2014-09

Private Home, Pickering, Ontario, Case 2014-04

Private Home, Forrest, Ontario, Case 2014-08

Private Home, St Zotique, Quebec, Case 2014-07

Private Home, Trenton, Ontario, Case 2014-06

Private Home, Peterborough, Ontario, Case 2014-05

Private Home, Gananoque, Ontario, Case 2014-03

Private Home, Kingston, Ontario, Case 2014-02

Private Home, Scarborough, Ontario, Case 2014-01

Princess Playhouse, St Thomas, Ontario, Case 2013-23

Champlain Trail Museum, Pembroke, Ontario, Case 2013-21

Cobourg Jail / King George Inn, Cobourg, Ontario, Case 2013-22

Private Home, Chatham, Ontario, Case 2013-10

Private Home, Petawawa, Ontario, Case 2013-13

Private Home, Nepean, Ontario, Case 2013-17

Imperial Theatre, Sarnia, Ontario, Case 2013-18

Ottawa Valley Business, Case 2013-15

Private Home, Toronto, Ontario, Case 2013-12

Private Home, Belleville, Ontario, Case 2013-11

Private Home, White Lake, Ontario, Case 2013-08

Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, Ontario, Case 2013-07

Private Home, Ottawa, Ontario, Case 2013-06 

Albion Hotel. Bayfield, Ontario, Case 2013-02 

Private Home. Newcastle, Ontario, Case 2013-05 

Private Home. Bath, Ontario, Case 2013-03 

Private Home. St Thomas, Ontario, Case 2013-02

Private Home, Winchester, Ontario, Case 2013-01


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