Case: # 2016-04
Location: Mill St Brewery and Pub, Ottawa, Ontario

Members on case:

Phil (Lead), Shanna (Co-lead), Jeff (K2), Catherine (Video), Carolyn (Audio), Dan (DVR), Dave (Shadowing), Sandy (Shadowing)


April 30th, 2016


Built in 1842-1842 by John Perkins, was originally called the Thompson-Perkins grist mill located along the Ottawa River. Purchased by the current owners in 2012, and renovated into the Mill St Brewery and Pub.


Feelings of unease, Being watched, Voices, the image of an older man, wearing overalls, crying in one of the corners in the basement. Items being moved.


On the main level we had some strong K2 hits in some areas. Catherine heard women talking. I had feelings of being cold. In the basement, despite audio being contaminated due to the noise from the brewery pumps and the ductwork ventilation system, We did have some K2 hits on command. Ironically was noted that there was a high level of EMF from the equipment in the basement, but again, some of the hits were on command. One the 3rd floor, along with myself, one of our guests felt extremely cold at times. Tapping of the windows. Catherine, Carolyn and myself saw a shadowy figure move from left to right and back again by the far back hallway, with Dave hearing a bag. Which we re-enacted to find it was the women's washroom door closing on it's own. Shanna heard a woman's voice by the bar. My right arm was brushed twice, and Shortly after that, Carolyn experienced the same feeling on her left arm.


Definitely activities are present. Although the building is on a riverbank and has a lot of contamination in the basement, we did have enough of activity to agree that something or someone is definitely trying to make itself known, all without any harm. Four staff members of the establishment were with us all night, and also experienced what we did, so much so, that they were happy with the nights results. There is speak of re-investigating in the hopeful near future.


PHOTOS from this investigation